Fully featured web based reporting platform

Deliver reporting capabilities with the control and flexibility you need

What is ConnectReport?

ConnectReport is an enterprise document generation and reporting platform that allows users to create documents using data from their analytical data sources, and then distribute them automatically in a variety of file formats. ConnectReport replaces legacy software like NPrinting and MS Report Builder.

  • All web application, no dependencies or client software to install
  • Enterprise ready. Role-based security.
  • Output reports to HTML, PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint
  • Transform or speed up reporting workflows

ConnectReport generates reports based on templates created by the user. Reports can be scheduled or delivered on-demand. Report files are static documents which contain Qlik Sense data from the time of generation. Like other reporting software (NPrinting, Report Builder, etc.) ConnectReport includes a template editor, a reports portal for retrieving reports, and an administrative management UI - these are all accessed via the browser. The only installation required is the ConnectReport server.

How is it different?

All web application, no dependencies ConnectReport is 100% web technology with no external software dependencies. The template editor (plus portal and other views) is a web application accessed via a web browser and requires no client software installation or maintenance at all. Even MS Office reports generated on the server do not use the MS Office software or Microsoft SDKs.

Developer friendly: embed, integrate, extend, whitelabel ConnctReport is developer friendly, our own web clients (editor, portal, admin) are built on our APIs and we offer unparalleled capabilities through the API. We also offer webhooks to trigger actions in your own apps. From a simple report on demand button (i.e with parameters) embedded in your app to deep integrations like publishing directly to SharePoint or Google Sheets - we've got you covered. Check out our API reference and documentation here or learn more about webhooks here.

Advanced reporting made easy We have jumped through hoops to make template design easier. The result is that while advanced users can create the complex layouts and reporting tasks they are used to, now less technical users are (often for the first time) able to design and even schedule & share reports on their own, in some cases taking the job of report creation out of the hands of IT or your data team altogether. In exchange administrators have complete control and oversight over the reporting workflow including individual report task approvals (see: Report Administrator in Role based access control). Not interested in changing workflows? Give developers, analysts, your BI or IT team the power to accomplish more in less time.

Plus some Flexible templates which can be re-used and are not tied to a single output format. Multiple data sources in one report. One time connector setup for Qlik Sense. Plus a variety of other advantages. Not sure if ConnectReport fits your use case? Speak directly to an engineer and let's figure it out.

Next-gen reporting and document automation

Even after organizations have invested in modern analytics workflows, reporting often remains challenging and slow because it has been a neglected area of product innovation. Not at ConnectReport.