360° Visibility, Unparalleled Governance: Discover ConnectReport

Achieve maximum efficiency and oversight with a centrally managed reporting solution. ConnectReport allows you to provide centralized analytical reporting capabilities to users and manage all permissions, access and settings in one place. Administrators gain 360º oversight of a secure, auditable, system with complete visibility. Moreover, you can embed and extend the functionality of ConnectReport to securely integrate with nearly any application. ConnectReport’s enterprise server can scale up or down to meet the demands of workloads large or small.

Centralized Reporting

Deliver reliable reporting with confidence

Centralized governance

Maintain centralized control of the entire system from one pane of glass

Powerful built-in orchestration

Schedule, manage and oversee massive reporting workloads with ease and confidence

Complete audit visibility

ConnectReport keeps an up-to-date audit trail of all user activity occurring in the platform

Configure once

Simple and predictable one-time configuration

Tailored user experience

Tailor the user experience to any skill or access level, based on roles, permissions, group membership or other attributes

Integrate with existing security fabric

Inherit permissioning already defined in your data system or IDP user attributes.

Bank-Grade Security

ConnectReport was built with the world’s most security-focused industries in mind, across financial services, healthcare and technology

Enterprise Scalability

Handle any workload through advanced multi-CPU core and concurrent processing. Monitor and manage at any scale.

360º Oversight

Track all user activity and maintain an audit trail of all interactions

Seamless Integration

Deliver a fully embedded and customized experience integrated with any application

More Secure. More Powerful. More Efficient. Raise the bar Higher with ConnectReport.