Powerful Customization, Unlimited Possibilities: Discover ConnectReport

Custom reporting is complex – a “one size fits all” solution will rarely fit the bill, and custom development is costly and time-consuming. ConnectReport’s 100% configurable reporting capabilities can help deliver a solution 5x faster without burdening your dev team. Easily integrate reporting into any application while meeting even the most rigorous requirements. Tailor the reporting experience to any skill-level or role and empower your users without burdening IT.

Centralized Reporting

65% lower
development costs

73% lower
maintenance costs

5x faster

Deliver reliable reporting with confidence

No Code Report Design

Break down IT bottlenecks and build reports using drag and drop, familiar editor to achieve any layout

Seamless Integration

Deliver a fully embedded and customized experience integrated with any application

360º Oversight

Track all user activity and maintain an audit trail of all interactions

Automatic Pagination

Content and sections automatically break across pages for exporting to print formats

Bank-Grade Security

ConnectReport was built with the world’s most security-focused industries in mind, across financial services, healthcare and technology

Enterprise Scalability

Handle any workload through advanced multi-CPU core and concurrent processing. Monitor and manage at any scale.

Open Platform

Every customer has different needs, preferred workflows and goals. ConnectReport provides a platform that is specifically designed for configuration and customization through its extensibility, while sitting on top of a secure, scalable, and easy to manage core product. The many approaches to reporting we support are all powered by a single codebase.

More Secure. More Powerful. More Efficient. Raise the bar Higher with ConnectReport.