Old Problem. New Thinking.

We are empowering end-users to communicate the information critical to driving business and decisions. In the age of modern self-service analytics and business intelligence platforms, most organizations still find themselves using complex and often antiquated analysts or IT-driven static reporting tools. Our goal is to transform the old way of working by introducing a new era of report creation and distribution with our enterprise-grade self-service reporting platform - allowing the end-user to quickly, safely, and securely own the entire reporting workflow without the necessity of involving IT or other advanced users. We think data should not be buried exclusively in singular and centralized platforms but rather integrated with the ways that decision makers are already used to communicating and working every day.

Company News

A large healthcare organization working with petabytes of data was in need of a way to generate large volumes of documents and reports from a newly implemented modern analytics and business intelligence platform. In the face of a sophisticated and highly complex list of business reporting requirements, ConnectReport enabled an unusually straightforward report creation and distribution process for the requisite 10,000+ reports per month.

ConnectReport allowed this customer, themselves a SaaS vendor, to significantly improve operational efficiencies related to reporting activities and decrease overhead by allowing business users alone to design the majority of the reports or documents required for distribution, a first for the organization and possibly for the healthcare industry as a whole. This scenario serves as a testament to the power of ConnectReport’s self-service reporting capabilities – consistent with ConnectReport’s goal of enabling data democratization. The change also resulted in additional returns resulting from the decommissioning of existing reporting systems and architecture which unlike ConnectReport, were not able to seamlessly integrate with modern analytics and business intelligence platforms utilized at the organization and deliver the self-service reporting workflows that the organization required.

Our Leadership

Michael Clemens

Co-Founder and Chief Executive

Always up for a challenge, Michael finds satisfaction in being a trusted advisor to business leaders and loves learning about complex business and technology problems. A driven entrepreneur and technologist, Michael comes from an enterprise business intelligence & analytics technology consulting background and has a strong, consistent, and well-known track record of delivering robust analytics and data-driven solutions for leading enterprise organizations (e.g Deloitte, Amgen, and Moody’s Analytics). Michael has been involved with technology since the mid-nineties, ran a successful niche website at the age of 12 - later earning a degree in Physics before returning to his passions for entrepreneurship and technology.

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Maxwell Hammad

Co-Founder and Chief Technologist

Maxwell is the Co-Founder and Chief Technologist at ConnectReport. Maxwell spent time as a Senior Software Engineer at Auth0, later acquired by Okta. Earlier in his career, Maxwell developed B2B applications and websites as an independent consultant. Maxwell holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Department of Computer and Information Science at Fordham University.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation

We are hands-on integrators, and creative technologists with proven consulting backgrounds working at the intersection of art, analytics, technology, and communication. We have a passion for problem-solving by delivering robust, powerful, and intuitive technology matched with a love of making beautiful things.


The team at ConnectReport draws upon the distinguished experience of a small and trusted group of established and successful industry leaders with a wide breadth of experience in technology consulting, IT, business development, entrepreneurship as well as focused experience in many industries. In this way, our team is able to effectively and confidently work across verticals such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, High Tech, Retail, Public Sector, Energy and Utilities, Communications, Life Sciences, and Consumer Products.