Developer-focused APIs.

Leverage the power of ConnectReport in your applications

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Build custom solutions with a reporting platform made for developers. Add simple or complex reporting features to your applications using our straight-forward REST APIs. As simple as retrieving a report in a desired format to more complex solutions. We also support webhooks to trigger actions in your own application and allow for deep integrations (think direct publishing to SharePoint or Google Sheets). Or Whitelabel all or portions of ConnectReport for your users.

Built for developers

// Require the ConnectReport library with a test access token 
const connectreport = require('connectreport')('N9ERYp+i7yhEblAjaKaS3qf9uvMja');

// Render a template to an Excel file
const excelFile = await connectreport.template.render({
  id: '65d397fc-b8b1-4e07-9437-026253db663a',
  format: 'excel'

// Schedule the template to run weekly and email a PDF to everyone in the group 
const task = await connectreport.reportTask.create({
  "templateId": "1392343e-c2b1-4e67-84b0-4afd219c57fe",
  "startOn": new Date(),
  "frequency": "Weekly",
  "email": "pdf",
  "groupsToShareWith": [
      "groupId": "1392343e-c2b1-4e67-84b0-4afd219c57fe"

Embed and whitelabel

You can also fully integrate the ConnectReport platform and deliver it to your customers by embedding ConnectReport enterprise into your existing applications.