ConnectReport’s pixel-perfect reporting platform is now available for Sisense

ConnectReport’s pixel-perfect reporting platform is now available for Sisense
ConnectReport + Sisense = powerful static reporting + ultra high performance analytics

We are excited to announce the availability of Sisense as a supported data source in ConnectReport.

ConnectReport is a leader in delivering modern pixel-perfect reporting to address the most sophisticated and complex use-cases around paginated reporting. ConnectReport’s platform eliminates the complexity of delivering scheduled and ad-hoc reports on your data through its extensible, API driven solution, and is used to process tens of thousands of reports per month in  some of the most highly regulated and security sensitive business environments.

ConnectReport’s capabilities are now available to organizations who are using Sisense as their analytics solution. Sisense’s low-latency, in-chip analytics provide organizations a highly performant, embeddable solution to analytics that we have seen provide our customers immense value and flexibility.

How we integrated Sisense

Adding support for Sisense meant that we had the opportunity to improve our abstracted data connection layer, called ZeroConn, to make it easier to add additional integrations in the future.

ConnectReport was built from the ground up to support any data platform. In front of all underlying data connections is socket-based API that we use to translate messages from the ConnectReport reporting engine into something each data platform understands. We then take the response from the data source and shape it into the correctly formatted ConnectReport response. This is what ZeroConn takes care of behind the scenes.

Adding Sisense put ZeroConn to the test and proved our ability to enforce user-based data platform security rules, retrieve complex tabular data, apply filters, and generate richly formatted multi-page reports with our product regardless of the data source.

Sisense provides rich, predictable APIs that played very well with our expectations and facilitated a fast implementation.

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