Add headers and footers to templates

Headers and footers in ConnectReport repeat on every output page of the final report. They can also be disabled on specific template pages.

To insert a header or footer to a template:

  • Click Insert in the editor ribbon menu navigation
  • Within the ribbon menu, click Page header or Page footer
  • You can insert components such as text boxes and images into headers and footers as you normally would on a given page.

Disable headers and footers on a specific page

It is possible to prevent headers and footers from printing on a specific page. You may wish to hide headers and footers on a cover page, for example.

To disable headers and footers on a specific page:

  • Right-click in an empty space on the page to open the page context menu
  • Click Disable Header and Footer

Resize headers and footers

To resize a header or footer, hover on the space between the header or footer and the page and drag it to the desired size. Note that because headers and footers take up a portion of the configured page size, the content in your template pages may shift when resizing.