Templates and the template editor

Create and edit templates →

Templates are files in ConnectReport that are used to generate report documents. The template stores information for the layout, formatting, and design of the report of the report. Once you lay out your template and configure the desired data, you can run reports on it by creating report tasks. Create a new template # To create a new template: Navigate to the ConnectReport portal Choose My templates in the sidebar Select Create a new template In the template editor, choose a template type In the Template title input box, enter a title Select Continue Edit a template # To edit an existing template:

Template types in ConnectReport →

ConnectReport supports several template types designed to facilitate building reports for specific scenarios. Although any given template may be exported to any supported format in ConnectReport, using a specific template type may better facilitate your desired final report output. For example, if you want control over the worksheets in an Excel export, you would need to use the Spreadsheet type; however, you can still export a template built with the Report document type to Excel.

Add headers and footers to templates →

Headers and footers in ConnectReport repeat on every output page of the final report. They can also be disabled on specific template pages. Insert a header or footer # To insert a header or footer to a template: Click Insert in the editor ribbon menu navigation Within the ribbon menu, click Page header or Page footer You can insert components such as text boxes and images into headers and footers as you normally would on a given page.

Download template output to supported formats →

Templates in ConnectReport may be quickly downloaded to supported formats including PDF, Excel and PowerPoint formats. When a template is downloaded to a supported format, up-to-date data is retrieved from any data connections used in the template. To download a template to one of the supported formats: Click Template in the editor ribbon menu navigation Within the ribbon menu, click Download PDF, Download Excel, or Download PowerPoint

Modify template page dimensions →

Template page dimensions control the global dimensions of all pages in a template. To modify template page dimensions: Click Template in the editor ribbon menu navigation Within the ribbon menu, click Template options Within the template options overlay, you may configure the width and height of the template in pixels. Note that the content in your template pages may be cut off when modifying template dimensions – it is not recommended to make a template smaller than the originally configured page dimensions once it is built out.

Import and export templates →

Templates may be imported and exported in ConnectReport. You might do this for the purposes of sharing the template with a colleague, or migrating the template between different environments. Export a template # To export a template: Click File in the editor ribbon menu navigation Within the ribbon menu, click Export The file will be saved to your computer as a .CRPT file, this is a ConnectReport template file. Import a template # To import a template: