Creating filter cycles

Filter cycles allow you to automatically create many report tasks filtered on different values of a dimension. For example, you may want to run a sales performance template on each company region. Instead of manually creating individual report tasks filtered on each company region, you can use a filter cycle to automate this.

Create a filter cycle

To create a filter cycle:

  • Create or open a template
  • In the sidebar navigation, click Reports
  • If you wish to execute the associated reports immediately, click Report now and choose Cycle and publish now. If you wish to schedule recurring reports, click Report later and choose Schedule reports from cycle.
  • Enter a title for the filter cycle. Report tasks within the cycle will be named based on this title.
  • Under Cycle field, choose the dimension you want to cycle on. From here, choose the associated dimension values you want to run the cycle on, or, click the three dots within the search bar and choose Select all in dropdown menu.
  • For information on scheduling, sharing, and additional filtering for the cycle, refer to the information in Scheduling report tasks. The same options described for individual report tasks are applicable to filter cycles.

Update a filter cycle

To update a filter cycle:

  • Create or open the template associated with the filter cycle
  • In the sidebar navigation, click Reports
  • Under Scheduled reports, locate the filter cycle
  • The report task editor will open and display the configuration for the filter cycle
  • You can make modifications to the cycle from here. Note that any modifications made will clear tasks associated with the filter cycle and recreate them.