Filtering →

Filtering allows you augment the output of your report tasks and templates. There are several ways to filter, including directly within templates and within report tasks or filter cycles. Note that filters are additive, and may occur at different levels. Because of this, there is a concept of effective filters. For example, if there are filters at the page level and template component level, the effective filters are the union of the page level and component level filters, with the page level filters taking precedence.

Apply filters to template components →

Template components including specific pages, dynamic text boxes, tables, pivot tables, and visualizations can be filtered on specific dimension values. Template filters are persisted into the template, but may be superseded by task level filters - see order of precedence for filters for more details. Apply filters to a template component # To apply filters to template components: Click Filters in the sidebar navigation Select a component in the editor stage that you wish to apply filters on.

Adding a filter display to a template →

You may wish to display the effective filters directly within a template or published report for a particular template component or page. A filter display component is used to do this. To display the effective filters in a template: Right-click on a page or component in the template Within the context menu, click Insert filter display The filter display will automatically update when the report is run, and will reflect the effective filters.

Apply filters to report tasks →

Report tasks can include filters that take precedence over component level filters in the associated template. See Order of Precedence for Filters for more details on filter precedence. To apply filters in a report task: Within the report task editor, click Filter Choose a dimension for the filter Choose field values within the dimension to filter on To add additional fields to the filters, click Add additional field Click Save or Create report task

Order of precedence for filters →

When creating templates, template objects like tables and visualizations, and report tasks - it is important to understand the order of precedence for the application of filters as some filters may supersede others.In order of highest precedence to lowest precedence, the order of precedence for filters in ConnectReport is: Report Task level filters: Filters from Filter Cycles Filters from Custom Selection Page level filters saved in template Object level filters saved in template For example: