Create and edit text boxes

Text boxes allow you insert formatted text, titles and content in templates.

Insert a text box

To insert a text box:

  • Click Insert in the editor ribbon menu navigation
  • Within the ribbon menu, Text box
  • Click on an empty area within the editor stage to insert the text box

Edit a text box

To edit a text box:

  • Click on a text box in the editor stage
  • Within the text box, type to modify text
  • To format the text, click Format in the editor ribbon menu navigation.
  • You can style color, font size, alignment, add hyperlinks, and more from within the format ribbon menu.

Duplicate a text box

To duplicate a text box:

  • Right click on the text box
  • From the context menu, click Duplicate
  • Click on an empty area in the editor stage where you would like to insert the duplicated text box.