Working with fields →

Fields are the building blocks of tables and pivot tables. Fields may also be thought of as columns. There are a number of options available to augment sorting, formatting, totaling, and other features of fields. Modify a field # To modify a field: Click on a field in a table in the template editor The currently selected field has a blue arrow in the upper right corner Click Field in the editor ribbon menu navigation Within the ribbon menu, a number of options are available and described below.

Applying conditional formatting to fields →

Conditional formatting allows you to set the background and text color of fields depending on the field value. To apply conditional formatting: Right click on a given field in a table Click Conditional formatting Choose a condition (e.g. greater than, between, less than, etc.) Choose a value for the condition To add an additional rules click Add rule When done, click Apply Conditional formatting rules are executed in order from top to bottom.