How quickly can ConnectReport Enterprise be deployed?

A simple production ready deployment can be completed as quickly as a few days for some of our customers. In more complex scenarios where an SSO integration needs to take place, or the platform needs to be customized through its APIs and extensibility points, a deployment may take longer to plan and implement.  

What capabilities do your APIs offer? 

The APIs we offer are the same APIs consumed by our base product. This means that you can leverage the same core technology and rendering engine of ConnectReport in your own applications for scheduling documents, running tasks on-demand, retrieving documents in supported formats, publishing documents to the ConnectReport user portal, polling the status of tasks, and managing users, groups and permissions. 

Does ConnectReport edit directly in Excel or other Microsoft Office apps? 

You can accomplish most of what you can do in Excel or PowerPoint directly in the ConnectReport template editor. We are constantly adding new capabilities to the editor, and one of the key benefits of having a single editor is that you don't need to manage several different templates for different output formats, learn different paradigms depending on what format you are targeting, switch between several applications, or install any additional software to create reports in ConnectReport. 

Can ConnectReport Enterprise be deployed on-premise? 

ConnectReport Enterprise can be deployed to on-premise servers or in the cloud through services like AWS. 

Does ConnectReport Enterprise require installing and maintaining any client software? 

ConnectReport Enterprise requires no additional client software. It's 100% web-based and accessed entirely through a web browser. Template design and the generation of Microsoft Office files and other proprietary formats takes place through the server, and templates that target any output format are created in our live template editor that users love.  

Do you offer a partnership program? 

We offer partnerships to select value added resellers and referral partners. Please see our Partner Ecosystem page for more information.

What is your pricing? 

ConnectReport Enterprise is licensed through an annual subscription. Get in touch with us for customized pricing.