ConnectReport JavaScript Library

ConnectReport offers an up-to-date JavaScript client library for use in both browser based applications and Node.js.

ConnectReport’s JavaScript library brings powerful, flexible, and reliable scheduled reporting capabilities directly to your applications, regardless of whether you are working on the back or front end.

ConnectReport.js takes care of the heavy lifting and simplifies your workflow around consuming the ConnectReport APIs. The library also has full TypeScript support.

Get started

The ConnectReport JavaScript Library is available on NPM:

npm i @connectreport/connectreport-js

Or the CDN:

<script src=""></script>


ConnectReport adheres to semver and as such, aims to maintain backward compatibility in its public APIs during the entire course of a major release. The JavaScript client follows the same versioning scheme as the core product, so you should match the version of the client to the version of your server. To pin your client to a particular version, you can do so as follows:

Via NPM:

npm i @connectreport/connectreport-js@2.38.2

Or the CDN:

<script src=""></script>

Samples to get you started

We maintain a growing library of samples from real-world cases of the ConnectReport JS client. Samples are hosted on GitHub here. This repository contains extensive information on the ins and outs of consuming the library, with lots of inline comments along the way. We recommend you start from the samples.

Library reference documentation

Library reference documentation for the ConnectReport JavaScript client is available here.