Developer guides

Build a Web Connector service →

Web Connectors allow ConnectReport templates and report tasks to stream data from on-premises, public and private cloud data sources, allowing report authors to work with data from nearly any source.

Configure JWT Authentication →

Implementing JSON Web Token authentication allows you to create seamless experiences across your applications without bringing your users through complex SAML IDP redirect flows.

ConnectReport JavaScript Library →

ConnectReport offers an up-to-date JavaScript client library for use in both browser based applications and Node.js.

Creating Extensions →

Extensions are web applications that live in ConnectReport Server. Extensions allow you to you to easily extend the capabilities of the ConnectReport platform by giving you a place to host web applications that live behind ConnectReport's authentication and call the ConnectReport API.

Using ConnectReport Callbacks (Webhooks) →

ConnectReport Callbacks are used to tell other applications when events occur in ConnectReport.

API Authentication →

How to authenticate with ConnectReport’s APIs

Custom Fonts in ConnectReport Templates →

Learn how to configure custom fonts for use in ConnectReport templates

Manage Access Tokens →

Access tokens are used to authenticate with the ConnectReport API.