Managing Groups

Group membership is primarily used to enable sharing reports with others in ConnectReport.

Users who belong to a group can publish reports to other users in their group, or publish reports to the entire group. Users who are not assigned to any groups are not able to publish reports to any other users or groups. Users can belong to more than one group. 

The example below helps to illustrate how group membership determines publishing privileges in ConnectReport Server:

UserJane SmithJohn Wright Sarah Anderson
Can publish reports toSales Group, Sarah AndersonMarketing GroupSales Group, Jane Smith


Create a group

To create a group, navigate to the Management Console and click Users in the sidebar.

Scroll down to the Groups section. 

Next to Groups, click Actions.

Under Actions, click Create group. 

In the Create group dialog, set the group's Name, Priority, and Description. With a higher Priority, reports scheduled for the group are added closer to the front of the report generation queue. The highest priority is 10. The lowest priority is 0. 

Click Create

Add users to a group

To add users to a group, select the user(s) you want to assign to a group in the user section. Hold down shift to select multiple users. 

Next to Users, click Actions

Under Actions, click Set groups.

In the Set groups dialog, choose the desired groups for the selected user(s) and click Apply

Update an existing group's info

To edit an existing group's info, double-click on the group in the group list.

Edit the desired fields. 

Click Update