User management

Managing Users →

Learn how to create, modify, deprovision, and migrate users in ConnectReport

About User Roles →

ConnectReport’s role-based access control model allows you to set who can create, view, and edit templates and report tasks, as well as who can administrate content or the server itself.

Assigning User Roles →

Learn how to apply and modify user roles in the ConnectReport management console

Configuring User Authentication →

Understand and implement the various authentication options available in ConnectReport

Managing Groups →

Group membership is primarily used to enable sharing reports with others in ConnectReport.

Distribute Templates Using Base Templates →

ConnectReport has a concept of base templates that allows you to distribute templates for use by different groups of users.

Group Image Library →

In some cases, you may not want end-users to upload images into templates themselves. Some of our customers prefer to use the Group Image Library, which allows them to upload images that users in specific groups can use in templates.

Bulk Import Users →

Bulk import allows you to add and update many users to ConnectReport Server at once.