Architecture Overview

ConnectReport Server comprises a number of underlying services that enable advanced self-service reporting capabilities for your users. 


The Proxy Service directs requests from ConnectReport web clients to the Core Service, Management Console Service, and Authentication Service. 

The Core Service provides report task scheduling, task processing, report generation, report editing, data connectors, and template editing capabilities.

The Management Console Service provides content administration and administrative capabilities.

All of the above services rely on the Repository and File System, which store users, configurations, metadata, templates, report tasks, published reports, and other data in an object-relational database and on the host file system. 

ConnectReport Server supports Windows 2012 R2 or newer and can be installed on-premises in your data center, or in a public cloud such as Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure. 


Because ConnectReport Server connects to potentially highly-sensitive data sources, it was designed with enterprise security in mind from the ground up and implements a number of security best practices. The ConnectReport Server administration guide also documents best practices for user authentication, connecting to data sources, and role-based access control.