Configuring Web Connector connections

ConnectReport supports customer-built connections to external data sources through Web Connectors.

Web Connectors are supported by a Web Connector service that is responsible for handling data and visualization retrieval. Web Connectors are a powerful, open-ended data connection solution suited for specialized customer and internal reporting scenarios.


Once you have a Web Connector service built, you need to integrate the service with your ConnectReport deployment to make it available for use in the template editor.


  • Navigate to the ConnectReport Management Console.
  • In the sidebar, navigate to Data connectors
  • Under the Web Connectors, click Add web connector
  • For Name, enter a name that will be useful to report authors to identify the Web Connector in the data sidebar of the template editor
  • For Base URL, enter the URL of the Web Connector service. The ConnectReport report processing service must be able to access the Web Connector service over HTTPS.
  • For Description, optionally enter a brief description to display in the template editor when users work with the Web Connector.
  • For Thumbnail URL, optionally enter the URL of an image asset to display as a thumbnail in the template editor when users work with the Web Connector.
  • Click Save configuration and restart the ConnectReport service to make the Web Connector available for use


You should take appropriate steps to restrict access to the Web Connector service. You should make the Web Connector service solely available to the ConnectReport server using a firewall, cloud provider security group or similar network traffic restriction capability.